Using our extensive experience with tens of advertisers and agencies, we offer guidance to clients on the determination of communication and media investment levels, support in conducting brand launches and seasonal prioritization of media investments. The development of the annual media plan is also an area in which we can provide significant added value to clients.

Concerning the annual media plan proposed by the agency and implemented by the company, some questions which are answered through our consultancy work are:

  • Do the media suggestions of the agency serve the brand communications targets?
  • Does the media plan provide the necessary support towards meeting the communications needs (strategic and tactical) of the brand?
  • To what extent has the agency understood and taken into consideration the media behavior of the competition?
  • Does the media plan include a wider communications platform than classical media?
  • To what extent has the agency made use of up-to-date research when determining the strategic media direction?
  • How convincing is the rationale behind the media selection?
  • How has the media mix been identified? How has the media prioritization have been made? How have the budget and media weights been determined, the reach-price effectiveness been identified, the range and balance of the media weight been determined?
  • Are the reach and frequency levels to reach the target audience appropriate?
  • Is the media mix appropriate?
  • What is the effectiveness of the messages in reaching the target audience and how have these levels been identified?
  • To what extent is the media plan innovative?